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Our courses, events, talks and workshops take place in a friendly, open atmosphere that encourages discussion, informal networking and learning.

Please view our series of Master Classes below and check back for more events including talks with leading makers.


N.B. There is no disabled access at CSA Lansdown 13 Lansdown, Stroud GL5 1BB


hannah Waldron workshop
Nicola Grellier Lurcher appreciation

NEW Saturday morning conversations ‘Making Art’

Nicola Grellier

Date: Saturday April 21
Time: 10.30 am
Venue: Select Studio Centre for Science & Arts Lansdown Stroud GL5 1BB

Nicola Grellier will talk about being a mid-career artist with a less than straight career path (kids, business, etc) and the value Nick has found in entering competitions, joining studios with other artists and embarking on an M.A. at 51

Nicola creates paintings, drawings and collage from her studio in Pegasus Art Studios. 
See her work at

The sessions are informal and an opportunity to meet chat and share ideas while hearing another artist’s perspective on their work.

Free contribution for refreshments welcomed . Just turn up and join the chat.

hannah Waldron workshop
Hannah Waldron

Hannah Waldron

Date: Sunday April 22
Time: 2 pm
Venue: Museum in the Park, Stratford Park GL5 4AF

In this illustrated talk tapestry artist, Hannah Waldron, will present her work in this fascinating talk and discussion.
Hannah’s work has been exhibited internationally and gained her a reputation for innovation in tapestry design.
She will discuss the thinking and inspiration behind the extraordinary festival commission and installation  exhibited in Gallery 1.

Tickets: £5.00

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carole waller

carole waller painted silk
carole waller painted silk

Two Day workshop with Carole Waller
Colour into Cloth

Date: Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 May
Time: 10.30 am – 5 pm
Venue: TBA

A two day course of experiments putting colour into cloth - using mark making tools of your choice and natural fabrics - Bring your paintbrushes,  twigs and flowers and stones and things with texture you would like to play with -  and bits of cloth 

Experiment with different fabrics and mark making on the first day and build on that the second day for further exploration or to make something specific on the second day.

Carole will talk about the beauty and eficacy of Procion P dyes - which she uses to produce washable cloth with a deep sense of visual space. She will help you find ways to manifest your own individual ideas and passions about cloth and colour - from subtle to vibrant - as Carole is keen to explore individual ideas and projects with you.

There is a £5.00 charge for materials when you attend the workshop.

Fee: Full price £150
SIT Member : £125

The fee includes refreshments – teas/coffee and an organic light lunch each day provided by Woodruffs Cafe Stroud comprising of delicious mixed salads, quiches and cakes to follow.

Carole Waller runs a studio and gallery in Bath called Waller&Wood, has exhibited widely over the 30 years of her practice as a painter on cloths for installations, clothing and scarves, and her work is held in the Textile Collection at the V&A

Festival Miserden Jane Moore portrait web
Jane Moore

Talk: Garden designer and expert Jane Moore
Structure & Sparkle in the Garden

Date: Thursday 17 May 2018          
Time: 3 pm
Venue: The Nursery at Miserden, Miserden Village, GL6 7JA

The things we often notice about gardens are the stand out plants, the Wow factor that all good gardens have, but these are often just the highlights, the ‘sparkle’ of each season. Equally important is the ‘bone structure’ of the garden, those stalwart shrubs and trees that provide the all important foundation.

In this talk, enjoying the lovely setting at The Nursery at Miserden, Jane takes us through her seasonal star performers, extolling their virtues with plants from the nursery, suggesting how to place them to grab the spotlight, and setting the stage with a backdrop of shrubs that she considers her reliable supporting cast.

Tickets: £16.00 includes tea or coffee and delicious home baked cake

Celia Pym Mending workshop Stroud
Paul Fowler

Talk & Workshop
Paul Fowler
An introduction to the secret life of a ‘lay figure’

Date: Saturday 19 May
Time: Workshop - 11 a.m. Talk - 2.30 p.m.
Venue: Museum in the Park Pavilion

Workshop 11 am
4 full sized lay figures and some costumes will allow detailed close up drawing and response to these historical figures.

Talk 2.30
What are ‘lay figures’?  Who made them and what was their use?
Learn the history and links to artists from the past that have used these fascinating figures.
They are life sized replicas of humans, from the finger joints to the arms and elbows, the shoulders and the torso, each joint twisting and turning to represent the movement and actions of humans.. 
Paul will reveal their intrigue and the darker side of such power.

Talk only: FREE

Talk and workshop: £45.00

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Celia Pym Mending workshop Stroud
Celia Pym

‘Mending’ with Celia Pym

Date: Saturday 19 May
Time: 10 am – 1.30 pm
Venue: t.b.c.

Mending is a workshop that explores textile repair, how you do it and why you do it. It considers the tenderness and care of mending. The aim of the workshop is to practice mending techniques. You will learn about and develop skills in woven and ‘knitted’ darning, Boro and patching. There will also be an opportunity to work on repairing any garments that you own and that have holes.

Please bring along any damaged items that you would like to discuss repair options for. Darning materials will be provided. However for the patching if you have old sheets or shirts that have grown old and no longer worn or used and you would be happy to cut up please bring them! No previous darning, knitting, needle based experience is necessary.
Expect to have fun. Develop an understanding and knowledge of textile repair,
and gain an appreciation of why garments matter, and their history.

Celia Pym has been exploring mending since 2007 with extensive experience of small everyday holes, at heels, elbows, in pockets as well as working on more dramatic damage, from water damage, animal nesting and moth issues. Celia’s interests are around the evidence of damage – through repair you look closely at where garments and cloth have got worn down and thin. In clothing this wearing is often to do with use and how the body moves. Celia says “she likes that darning is often small acts of care and paying attention to where things fray and wear out.”

Celia Pym has exhibited widely and was shortlisted for the Woman’s Hour Craft Prize in 2017. She is currently a visiting lecturer in Textiles at the Royal College of Art.

Workshop and talk ticket: £60

A simple lunch of organic quiche and salad will be provided Tea/coffee provided
A fascinating and inspiring talk on Celia’s work and passion for repair will follow starting 3 pm

Celia Pym Mending workshop Stroud
Celia Pym

‘Mending’ with Celia Pym

Date: Saturday 19 May
Time: 3.00 pm
Venue: t.b.c.

A fascinating and inspiring talk on Celia’s work and passion for repair starting 3 pm

TALK ticket: £4.50 SITselect members Free

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maxine relton

maxine relton personal sketchbook
Maxine Relton

Fresh Ideas for Creative Notebooks

Date: Friday 25 May  5pm – 7pm Registration and Creative Warm Up
Saturday 26 May 10am – 5pm and Sunday 27 May 10am –  4pm
Tutor: Maxine Relton
Time: Friday 5pm - 7pm Saturday 10am – 5pm and Sunday 10am – 4pm
Venue: CSA Lansdown 13 Lansdown, Stroud GL5 1BB

Working in a personal sketchbook is a way of developing your own visual encyclopaedia. It can be a private place of artistic risk-taking, playful freedom and spontaneous response which enables you to track your creative development, sharpen your perception and source fresh and original ideas.

Artist and experienced tutor Maxine Relton is a strong advocate of creative notebooks for a wide variety of imaginative uses. For this workshop, she’ll bring a range of her personal sketchbooks to share with you and plenty of ideas to inspire your own pages.

This course is essentially about stimulating your imagination and helping you develop your own voice. From a given starting point, with initial demonstrations and some visual examples, you can take forward your own ideas and work towards your personal interpretation with Maxine’s help and guidance. Some experiments will help you generate quick-start inventions, while other projects will give you time to think through a sequence of ideas, learning to follow new leads. A range of representational and abstract subjects will be included.

The course will be largely studio-based but will include short spells outdoors to release a different flow of energy. The workshop is suitable for all abilities, including beginners, and for all those wishing to develop the use of black-and-white in any fine or applied art contexts.

Course Fee: £160 based includes teas/coffee/juices
SITselect members: £130
Basic Tools and materials will be provided but a materials list will be sent on booking
Lunch can be provided for an additional £20 a day

Maxine Relton runs a variety of creative art workshops for people of all ages and abilities, both at home and abroad, including West Dean College in Sussex.

She trained in London, graduating with first-class honours from Camberwell College of Art before completing her MA at the Slade School of Art. Her work is held in private collections in many countries, has received a number of awards and has featured in various publications as well as on television.

Maxine exhibits widely, leads regular overseas sketching trips and is an active member of both Spike Print Studios in Bristol and Gloucestershire Printmaking Co-operative in Stroud. She is also an elected Academician of the Royal West of England Academy in Bristol.

Course Fee: £160 based includes teas/coffee/juices
SITselect members: £130
Basic Tools and materials will be provided but a materials list will be sent on booking
Lunch can be provided for an additional £20 a day

Sue Hiley harris string bags
Sue Hiley Harris - string bag
Sue Hiley harris string bags
Sue Hiley Harris

Make your own Hemp String Bag
Tutor: Sue Hiley Harris

Date: Sunday 3 June 2018          
Time: 10.00 am – 4 pm
Venue: Select Studio, CSA Lansdown 13 Lansdown, Stroud GL5 1BB

Knot your own fabulous hemp string bag using techniques based on Australian Aboriginal string bags.
A glorious selection of hemp colours will be available.
No experience needed.
All equipment will be provided although participants may wish to bring their own netting needle and table clamps. Help yarns will be available for purchase.
Sue Hiley Harris is an experienced weaver.
The workshop accompanies the exhibition, ‘Woven and Drawn’ in Lansdown Gallery Stroud.

Tickets: £50 full price
SITselect Member £40 
The ticket includes refreshments/  cakes.
Please bring your own lunch to share.

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Claire Walsh

Claire Walsh
Clare Walsh

Block printing workshop
Tutor: Clare Walsh

Date: Friday 15 June
Time: 10.00 am – 1 pm
Venue: Select Studio, CSA Lansdown 13 Lansdown, Stroud GL5 1BB

Using traditional Indian woodblocks you will create beautiful printed designs on paper and fabric. Clare will take you through experimenting with repeat patterns and you will take home a unique printed bag.
No experience is necessary. All materials provided including a variety of printing papers, inks, printing base, fabric bags, and Indian woodblocks.

Tickets: £40 inclusive
SIT select members: £35

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Kate Whitehead
Kate Whitehead
Kate Whitehead
Kate Whitehead

Kate Whitehead
Enjoy a two day workshop with experienced tutor and textile artist Kate Whitehead.
A weekend of fun and sharing.

Date: Saturday 18 August and Sunday 19 August
Time: Saturday 11 am – 5 pm, Sunday 11 am – 4 pm
Venue: Select Studio, CSA Lansdown 13 Lansdown, Stroud GL5 1BB

My two day Indigo and weave workshops are focused on seeing the potential in forgotten materials. You are invited to bring your fabric/ garments that have a special story, memory or meaning, that you will dismantle and have the opportunity to dip dye and to create a unique piece of weave to treasure. A time to get away from the fast pace of our digital lives and to embrace slow craft processors.

Day One
Kate will talk about what inspires her work and her journey since graduating 4 years ago.
The weekend will comprise of:
Mark making, a discussion of depth of colour, areas of the cloth/garment to be stitched, folded, knotted that will create interesting patterns when dyed.
Take time and consideration to create marks in fabric being dyed 
Kate will talk about Indigo as a dye and its values
You will dye selected fabrics in indigo

Day Two
A chance to look at students dyed fabric/yarn
Each student will choose their frame for weaving on (they are hand made)
Learning about the warp and weft, how to put the warp on the frame.
Yarns suitable for the warp   and weft.
Each student will put on their warp then use materials/yarns to create a handwoven piece
An opportunity to look at each others work to discuss and photograph

Student requirement list;
.Cotton fabric garment that holds a special story/memory 
.Cotton fabric pre washed in non biological fabric, no fabric conditioner.
.Any yarn to dip dye that you want to use in your textile piece.
.Fabric and embroidery scissors
.Notebook and pen
.embroidery needle
.Plastic bag to take your dyed fabric home

Kate will provide a selection of fabrics and yarns but it does give your textile piece a more personal feel if students bring some of their own.

My work is a protest against the way textiles are consumed in western society. Tired of a world in which clothes are produced and thrown away without thought to the consequences; where the fashion industry and media impose identities on us. My rebellion is to go back to slower processes, embrace tradition, salvage the discarded, fix the broken.
In my weaving and embroidery I explore the potential of the forgotten, overlooked and abandoned. I revel in discovering humble, quiet fabrics like calicos and cottons; the more worn, faded and story-laden the better; and giving them a second chance. I take time to imagine the history of every piece, exploring its hues and tones, examining its tears and frays, weighing up its foibles.

Tickets: Full price £175 SIT select Members discount £150
A delicious organic lunch can be provided on both days for an extra cost of £10 each day.
It will be mixed salads, quiche and cake.

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