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Jacy Wall and Björk Haraldsdóttir
Materials Matter

Jacy Wall: tapestry, etchings and ceramics
Bjork Haraldsdottir : ceramics

Venue: Lansdown Art Gallery, Lansdown Road, Stroud GL5 1BB
Date: Wednesday May 8th – May 19th
Admission: Free

Two artists collaborate to bring a dazzling show of pattern and colour to delight and surprise. Pattern and texture interact to excite the eye and invigorate the senses.

Jacy Wall's woven tapestries interrogate the nature of textiles, often simply deconstructing and playing with pattern and structure. Interventions such as stitching, patching and darning, implying imperfection, instability and fragility, reflect a long time interest in the theme of mending. Printmaking is an important element of her practice, creating a conversation between weaving and drawing, yarn and paper.

Bjork Haraldsdóttir‘s tactile and expressive ceramic art explore the interplay between three-dimensional architectural form and two-dimensional surface treatment. The pieces are a conversation between the inherent individuality and imperfection of the hand-built object and the implicit perfection of mathematical pattern and geometry.

Meet the artists in the gallery Saturday May 12th and Saturday May 18th

In Conversation on Saturday 18 May 6.30 pm
Andy Christian – writer, arts advisor, curator in conversation with Jacy and Bjork.


imageBjork Haraldsdottir
imageJacy Wall