Select Festival 2017
29 April – 28 May

The programme so far includes the Textile Study Group presenting ‘Dis/rupt’ with new work from over 20 textile artists.

Related workshops & symposium

Exhibitions in meme art cafe – Malthouse Kitchen Bar – Miserden Nursery
Surprise shop trail competition

New Collectives fair 20 / 21 May

Saturday May 6th
SIT select will be holding a symposium Dis/rupting Tradition: New Textile Languages linked to the Dis/rupt project and focusing on the theme of disrupting tradition. This event will feature contributions from Melanie Miller, Alice Kettle, June Hill and Michelle Stephens.
Tickets & details to follow
Details on the Dis/rupt project can be read here: Dis/rupt Press release view PDF


The 2017 festival promises exciting new venues, innovative artists exhibiting and plenty to enjoy and inspire. More to follow soon


photo credit: Chas Issett for Ruth Issett

Ruth Issett: Disrupt work in progress
Ruth Issett
Ruth Issett: studio
Rose Campbell: Disrupt ideas in progress


The free Festival brochure and tickets will be available from March 2017

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