select festival 2020


The 2020 Festival was cancelled due to the pandemic but plans are afoot for wondrous things in 2021 so keeping checking.
We hope you are keeping well and enjoying the Autumn and all the joys of nature that the season brings.


Tuesday 1st – Monday 7th September

Foraged colour will be an example of sustainable, closed-loop creation with zero air miles. Foraged materials will be our starting point for change. Our aim is to pushing the boundaries of place and what can be sourced locally, delivering examples of sustainable textiles. It will resonate with the current discourse about biodiversity, climate change, re-use and upcycling

Through the investigation of natural dye plants and fungi that are readily available in the UK, the aim of the project will be to create contemporary textiles and garments from British wool, to exemplify the abundance of colour and natural resources around us. Employing eco foraging practices, using fallen branches for bark and only taking 10 percent of lichen.

Artists: Linda Row,  Eve Kumari,  Gill Hewitt ,  Penny Wheeler and Frances Westerduin will collaborate on this project.

Lansdown Hall Gallery Stroud GL5 1BB

Ground Works Place time material

Jane PonsfordJane Ponsford
Paul Newman
Jane Ponsford
Robin Walter
Michael Fairfax