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Canvass - networking breakfast

Join us for coffee, croissants and chat in the select studio
In Centre for Science & Art Lansdown Stroud GL5 1BB

Next CANVASS: Saturday February 16th  10 am – 11.30 am

Canvass - artist networking Stroud
Saturday February 16th  10 am – 11.30 am

artist Nicola Grellier will talk about her practice and the work that has evolved over last 2 years.

Canvass Nettle & George
Saturday April 6th 10 am – 11.30 am with Nettle Grellier

Nettle will talk about her latest paintings about friendship, the comfort of closeness and a sense of intimacy and safety in today’s turbulent and disjointed society. She will also talk about working as an artist on the road and living and working in close proximity to artist, George Lloyd Jones, since graduating from Brighton Art School in 2015.

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